The Council of Aboriginal Elders of SA is a state-wide peak advocacy and information service (funded under the HACC Program) providing a vital link between aged care service providers and the Aboriginal Community.

 Its chief role is to monitor the effectiveness of services to frail and older Aboriginal people, ensuring their cultural appropriateness and where necessary to recommend policy and other changes.

The Council comprises 18 members who all work in a voluntary capacity, from the 15 regions throughout the state who are nominated by their local regional forum. All Elders are members aged over 60 years-(unless they are from a traditional Aboriginal community –in which case no age limit applies). Membership to the Association of the Council of Aboriginal Elders also includes Associate Members aged between 45-59.

The role of each member is to bring issues from the local level to the state meetings and vice versa –to share information from the state meeting with members of the local regional forum. Support at the local level is provided in the main by the HACC Workers.

Objective of the Council

  • To advise agencies and Government authorities on aged care, health housing and other needs of frail and elderly South Australian Aboriginals
  • To be a focal point so that Aboriginal Elders can obtain cultural information about issues, policies and decisions that impact on their lives
  • To lobby Federal, State and Local Governments as well as community organisations about issues of concern to Aboriginal Elders
  • To restore and maintain the status of older Aboriginal people in the community

The Council secretariat is located at 50-60 Sussex Street North Adelaide and works closely with all aged care services providers supplying a centrally located focal coordination point facility for advice, advocacy, referrals and information.

The Association of the Council of Aboriginal Elders of SA Inc currently has in excess of 700 members of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent from around the state on its register. (This figure includes Associate Members aged between 45 and 59 years as well as Full Members i.e. Elders 60 years and over).

To be included on this register and/or to be eligible to be elected to Council as the representative from a particular region, Elders must be enrolled members. Enrollment forms can be downloaded from this site.

Full Membership Forms (including code of conduct statement)

Associate Membership Forms (including statement) for those 45 to 59 years

Proof of Aboriginality is sometimes required prior to acceptance of an Aboriginal specific service, grant, scholarship or apprenticeship in South Australia. Other times it may simply be sought to educate younger generations about their true heritage . Verification can be confirmed by Elders at a general meeting of members but the onus is on the applicant to provide supporting documentation. Use the Verification of Aboriginality Form for this purpose.

Download these forms from the FORMS page (see menu on side)